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Aser Abaya Black Color

Aser Abaya Black Color
Aser Abaya Black Color
Aser Abaya Black Color
Aser Abaya Black Color
Aser Abaya Black Color
Aser Abaya Black Color
Aser Abaya Black Color
Aser Abaya Black Color

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Aser Abaya Black Color
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  • Model: ABAYA-037
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Aser Abaya , made of luxurious black fabric, was carefully chosen because it stays on for a long time without requiring ironing.
The inner face has a half lining and a pocket on the right side.
The front face contains 5 pieces of invisible metal buttons.
The sleeve is wide.
Abaya Back Scissors, Left and Right, One Piece (no embroidery on half of the abaya back).
It has a beautifully decorated ribbon
Long-term dry cleaning, must read the terms of use.
Form information in pictures: Height: 175 cm - Weight: 75 kg Almost - Size (M).

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