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How to know the ring size

How to Measure a Man's Finger for Ring Size

  1. Get Sized at a Jeweler: To ensure the most accurate ring size,
    we recommend you visit your local jeweler for a professional sizing.

  2. If You are Buying the Ring as a Surprise:Get the ring of the person you want to give him a ring,
    Place a flat ruler on the ring, Photo ring and send picture to us

Tips for Measuring a Man's Ring Size: Don't measure cold fingers, as this is when fingers are the smallest.
The best time to measure a finger is at the end of the day when the finger is the largest.
Take at least two measurements for accuracy.

Size Yourself: Wrap a thin strip of paper or piece of string around the base of the finger you want to measure.
With a pen, mark the point on the paper or string where it overlaps, forming a circle on the finger.
Measure the length of the paper or string using a flat ruler, from the starting point to the pen mark.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Find your ring size below and click it to shop all rings available in that size.

Inside CircumferenceUS/CanadaBritish/Irish/AustralianJapaneseFrenchGermanShop Your Size Now
1.84046.84H746 1/215Shop Size 4
1.89048.04.5I 1/2847 3/415 1/2Shop Size 4.5
1.94049.35J 1/294915 3/4Shop Size 5
1.99050.65.5K 1/21050 1/416 1/4Shop Size 5.5
2.04151.86L 1/21151 1/216 1/2Shop Size 6
2.09153.16.5M 1/21352 3/417Shop Size 6.5
2.14154.47N 1/2145417 1/4Shop Size 7
2.19255.77.5O 1/21555 1/417 1/2Shop Size 7.5
2.24256.98P 1/21656 1/218Shop Size 8
2.29258.28.5Q 1/21757 3/418 1/2Shop Size 8.5
2.34259.59R 1/2185919Shop Size 9
2.39360.89.5S 1/21960 1/419 1/2Shop Size 9.5
2.44362.110T 1/22061 1/220Shop Size 10
2.49363.310.5U 1/22262 3/420 1/2Shop Size 10.5
2.54364.611V 1/2236420 3/4Shop Size 11
2.59465.911.5W 1/22465 1/421Shop Size 11.5
2.64467.212X 1/22566 1/221 1/4Shop Size 12
2.69468.412.5Z2667 3/421 3/4Shop Size 12.5
2.74469.713Z 1276922Shop Size 13
2.7957113.5Z 229Shop Size 13.5
2.84572.314Z 331Shop Size 14
2.89573.514.5Z 432Shop Size 14.5
2.94574.815Z 533Shop Size 15
2.99676.115.5Z 6Shop Size 15.5
3.04677.416Z 7Shop Size 16
3.09678.616.5Z 8Shop Size 16.5
3.14679.917Z 9Shop Size 17
3.19781.217.5Shop Size 17.5
3.24782.518Shop Size 18
3.29783.718.5Shop Size 18.5
3.34785.019Shop Size 19
3.39786.319.5Shop Size 19.5
3.44887.620Shop Size 20