Privacy policy
We respect the privacy of your store and take the safety of your online shopping seriously. But in order to be able to provide you with better products, more efficient customer service and faster updates, we record a range of information by visiting our site. To better protect your privacy, we would like to show you our online practices and how your information is collected and used.

Privacy Policy
Thank you for accessing our Islam Store website
We respect your privacy and wish to protect your personal information. To learn more about this, please read the following Privacy Statement which explains how we collect and use your personal information and how, under certain circumstances, we disclose it. This privacy statement also outlines the steps we have taken at Islam Store to protect personal information. Finally, this Privacy Statement explains to you the options you have in connection with the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. This privacy does not necessarily apply to the ways we collect your personal information using methods other than the Internet - for more information on this point please refer to the items listed below. Please note that Islam is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of any other sites linked to it
Methods of collection and use of information
1. Gathering Information: We at Islam store collect information from you using different methods on our site. One of the goals of collecting your personal information is to provide an effective and valuable experience tailored to you. For example, we can use your personal information in the following:
· Make it easier for you to use your site as you do not have to enter your information again.
Help you quickly find information, products and services.
· Help us create content on your site.
· Alert you to any new information, products or services we provide.
a. Registration and request: Before you use certain parts of the site or use it to place your order you must complete the registration process on our site. During registration you will be asked to provide us with certain personal information including your name, home address, gender, shipping addresses, billing address, phone number, email address, and credit card number. This type of personal information is used for billing reasons, completing your request, and communicating with you regarding matters related to your request and our location and for internal marketing reasons. If we have any problem completing your application, it is possible to use your personal information that you have provided to us to communicate with you.
B. E-mail address: Many parts of the site require you to enter your email address for reasons of free promotions and in response to your request to inform you about brands, new products or newer models or to participate in our newsletter. Participation in any of our competitions is optional and you may choose to share and disclose to us some of the information that will be used later to inform contest winners and award them. It is possible to mention the names and sites participating in the contest on our site.
T. Cookies and other technologies used: Like many other websites, Islam stores cookies and network beacons (also known as clear GIFs or "business signs") to speed up site navigation, identify you, access privileges, and track your use. Of the site.
        i. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored as text files by an Internet browser that you use on the hard drive of your computer. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies. You can set your Internet browser to refuse these files from sites or remove them from the hard drive, but you will not be able to access or use parts of the site if you do. At Islam Shop we have to use cookies to enable you to choose products, place them in your shopping bag and complete your purchase. If you maintain the option to accept these files, we will be able to obtain a record regarding your browsing of the Internet and the purchase. We assure you that the links of the Islam shop site are not "spyware" as they do not infiltrate the user's hard drive to collect confidential personal information and can not do so.
      ii. Network beacons help us deliver cookies and help us determine whether a particular page is viewed on the site and the number of views. For example, any electronic image on this site, such as banners, can be considered as network beacons.
     iii. We may use a third party advertising agency to assist us in designing our content or submitting advertisements on our behalf. These companies may employ certain cookies and network beacons to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns (such as what pages have been visited and what products and quantities are purchased). None of the personal information collected by Islam Store is linked to any information that these third parties collect using cookies and network beacons.
W. Log Files: Like any other site, the Islam Store website server automatically recognizes the Internet link you use to access the site. We can also register your IP Address, the ISP you are using, the date / time you access the system administration and confirm your request for internal marketing reasons and troubleshooting reasons. (Your protocol address can refer to your device's website.)

C. Product ratings: You can choose to evaluate a specific product. If you post your comment, we may ask you to provide us with your email and location. If you publish the evaluation, your location may appear to other users (but your email will not be disclosed). Any personal information from which you will be identified will be posted in the product that you place publicly and other users will be able to see. In this case, Islam Shop will not be responsible for any personal information you choose to post on your ratings. We know you can make useful evaluations without having to disclose any personal information.

2. Use and disclose information
a. Internal use. Our Store uses your personal information to complete your application and provide you with good customer service. We may use your personal information internally to improve the content, design, and spread of our site and for special marketing reasons (including marketing of products and services to you) and to identify general market information relevant to our visitors.
B. Communication with you: Your personal information will be used to communicate with you regarding your location, requests and shipments. We also send you a confirmation message when you register with us. We may also send you, in rare cases when required, advertisements for services provided by the Islam store (for example, informing you that our services have been temporarily suspended for maintenance reasons). You may also provide us with your e-mail for certain reasons such as your request to inform you of the arrival of a brand, model or new products by registering in our e-mail messages. If you provide us with your e-mail, we will use it to communicate the information to you. At Islam, you always have the option of canceling your subscription or opting out of future messages (for more details see the Withdrawal section below). But because we have to communicate with you regarding your requests, you will not be able to cancel the access of messages related to requests to your email.
T. Like other wholesalers through the Internet, sometimes we use a third party to do some tasks on our behalf. When we disclose any information to these service providers, we disclose information that helps them perform their services. For example, the Islam store should share some information to deliver products to you. We agree with third parties (such as DHL and TNT) to ship products and make sure they are delivered. This enables us to get feedback, improve the quality of our services, Provided by the third party. In the example of shipping companies, we provide personally identifiable information such as your name, shipping address, email address and phone number.
           i. At the same time, to help you buy products and provide better customer service, we provide your credit card number to financial service providers such as credit card processors and issuers. When we provide your credit card number for authorization, we use the most sophisticated encryption methods to protect your information. (More on this subject will be mentioned later in the Protection of Information section).
         ii. The Islam store may force you to disclose some personal information in response to law enforcement officials during investigations, summonses, court orders or if we are required to disclose some of this information by law. We will also disclose some personal information in cases where disclosure of this information is important in defending our legal rights, imposing our usage provisions or other agreements, or protecting ourselves or others. For example, we may share information that reduces the risk of fraud or if someone attempts to use our site for illegal reasons or to commit fraud.
        iii. We will not sell (or exchange or rent) personal information to other companies as part of our business. But it is possible that the Islam store has other companies, or that it can be incorporated into it, or that another company may own us, so we will have to abandon some or all of our assets. If this happens, it is possible that your personal information may be disclosed to another company, but this disclosure is governed by what has been agreed in the applicable privacy statement.
       iv. We may share non-personal information (such as the number of visitors to a particular page or the size of a request placed on a particular date) with third parties such as our advertising partners. This information is not known to you personally or to any other user.

Information Security
This site integrates physical, electronic and administrative actions to provide appropriate protection for the privacy of your personal information. These include using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on all financial transactions through our website. We use the Islam Store website to encrypt your secure online security layer and protect your personal information on the Internet. We also take a number of steps to protect your personal information in our facilities. Access to your personal information is restricted to allow access to this information only to people who need it for certain tasks. Finally, we rely on a third-party provider of physical protection services to protect some of our devices. We believe that their protection measures are effective. For example, when you visit our site, you access servers stored in a real protected environment in a closed cage behind a tight electronic firewall.
Although we use industry-standard safeguards to protect your personal information, we can not guarantee absolute protection. The ability to provide 100% protection is not available anywhere, online or otherwise.

Withdrawals / corrections
At your request, we will (a) correct or update your personal information, (b) stop sending messages to your email, and / or cancel your account to stop future purchases from this account. You can submit these applications through the User Information section, or by calling us or sending your request by e-mail to our Customer Service Department ( Please do not send your credit card number or any other information
Other sensitive.
Collect, use and disclose information using non-Internet means
As expected, most of the information at the Islam store is information collected through the site. Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to the collection of information via the Internet, but we also attempt to protect the privacy of your personal information on a non-Internet basis. For example, the customer may talk to us to place an order or ask a question. When we need to store one of the information provided through the call (such as the request information), we enter it into our database via the SSL encryption system (see Data Protection Section mentioned above). For more details). There are other ways we can learn information in ways other than the Internet, for example it is possible that someone sends us a message containing the return address information. Please keep in mind that by discussing this item, we do not attempt to restrict or discuss all methods and uses of information collected in ways other than the Internet. As mentioned above, we sell in Islam a commodity that is not information and we will do our best to deal with information collected in ways other than the Internet and to use and disclose it in accordance with the practice of information collected via the Internet.

Updates to the Privacy Policy
If we make any changes to our privacy statement, we will post these changes to this site so that we will always keep you informed of the type of information we collect, how it is used and how it is disclosed. We encourage you to review our published privacy policy for a period of time so that you are kept informed of any changes or updates to your Privacy Statement. If you have any questions about our privacy statement, please contact us on: 00905558888033. We at know that protecting your personal information from our use of our site is important and therefore we take the duty to protect your personal data very seriously. So we want to be aware of what kind of data we collect and which are ignored. We are interested in keeping Islam informed through this privacy statement about the security procedures we follow. Personal data collection and processing is done when you provide us with the process of registering and completing forms and emails as part of the request for products or goods or requests and inquiries about purchased materials and other similar situations in which you choose to provide personal information about yourself. The database and its contents remain in our company and are maintained in data processors and servers acting on our behalf and under our responsibility. Your personal information will not be given to a third party through us in any way unless we obtain your permission or have legal obligations to do so. Any use of the personal information you have disclosed to us will be under our control and under our responsibility. This data can be saved or processed on computers located in a jurisdiction other than where you are, such as the United States, where data protection laws may differ from the laws in place where you are. In such cases, we will ensure that the appropriate protection is applied by requiring the data processor in that country to comply with the applicable laws of the country in which you live or its equivalent.

Usage purposes
Personal data collected will be used only to provide you with the required products or services or for other purposes you have approved, unless otherwise provided by law.
What is your information used?
Any of the data we collect from you will be used by using one of the following methods:
· Diagnose your experience
(Your information helps us better respond to your personal needs)
· To improve our site
(We always strive to improve our site based on the information and feedback we receive from you)
· To improve the level of customer service
(Your information helps us respond effectively to your customer service requests and the support needs you need)
· To handle financial operations
Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any other company for whatever reason without your consent except in cases of delivery of goods or any services required by the customer.
· To send periodic emails
The email you provide us during the request process can be used to send information or any updates related to your order. It is also sometimes used to deliver company news and updates or any information about related products and services.
Note: If you wish to withdraw from such emails at any time, we will provide you with detailed instructions to withdraw at the end of each message you receive.
· To manage competitions, marketing campaigns, questionnaires or any other characteristics of the site.
Select Withdrawal
If you do not wish to receive company promotional messages, you can opt out of these messages by purchasing the instructions in each message or by sending a message to the company at