Islam store guarantees the customer the return process in case
    the product does not comply with the specifications mentioned in the product page on the site
    and thus the customer can return the order electronically within 3 days after receiving the request.
    But first please make sure the pieces are safe and they are not damaged.
    Return Steps:
    1. Enter your account at Islam Store>
    * Account
    * Order Details>
    * Order Information Click the "Return" button next to the product you wish to return.
    2. Fill out the return form with the required information.
    3. The "fast return" service is now available to our customers in certain areas of Turkey, so please mention the area name when you submit a return request.
    4. Please include the tracking number and the shipping company's tracking number within 3 days in the approved return request, otherwise the order will be rejected.
    5. The return request will be verified within 72 hours, and all details will be sent via e-mail.
    6. The amount will be returned to your original account within 7 business days after receiving the reference request and you will be notified by e-mail.
    Note To return:
    1. Pieces you can not return: Products specially designed for you, products special requests.
    2. Returns Only requests for an electronic return request should be made.
    3. Please do not use the pieces and save the original envelope with the SKU number.
    4. Customer responsible for return costs in case the mistake is not by Islam shop, please choose economical shipping method.
    5. Return packages will not be accepted using the return payment service from the shipment receiver.
    6. We accept return requests exclusively for requests made via the website and paid for by credit card or wire transfer.
    If you have made a purchase order outside of your account on the Islam Store website and / or have made a payment through a wire transfer service such as Western Union, Remittance fees.
    Note about electronic parts
    1. For electronic parts, the return of non-open items is accepted and resellable, and a return request must be submitted within 3 days after receiving the order.
    2. If there are any quality problems, please first consult the agency and check the parcel and then submit a return request and complete the return form. Your application will be reviewed in due course.