Terms and Conditions
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before placing an order on our website. Your use of or request for this Site is your acceptance of the terms and conditions below. Please also refer to the Privacy Policy that you provide us with.
The Islam store is not obliged to provide prior notice of amendments to the terms and conditions. In the event of any amendment to these provisions, the amendments shall apply to all orders placed and confirmed after the amendment. For orders confirmed prior to the amendment, they will not be covered.

The contract of sale

What we understand from the provisions of selling and buying in Islamic law regarding electronic commerce

We note that the products on the Islam Store website are not necessarily available to us

We process the products after receiving the request and the amount you pay within the site or send it to us in another way we consider our secretariat until the product is processed and sent to you anyway we contact you after the processing of the product and renew the contract of sale by taking the consent to buy the product after availability

If the product is not available or the order is canceled, we refund the amount to you completely

If you agree to these terms and complete the purchase within the site of Islam shop

This means that you authorize us to use the amount you sent us as a loan until we process your order, renew your contract of sale, or refund the money to you

All contents of this site, including text, graphic designs, icons and all other content are owned by Islam Store.
 You may browse, download, or print a set of materials displayed in different sections of the Site, which may be subject to certain restrictions and limitations, for personal use only or to be used to place an order or purchase products from our site.
 It is strictly prohibited to use this content in re-manufacturing, distribution or other works unless you are authorized to do so. By using this site you agree not to change or delete any proprietary notices contained on the content you have downloaded from the site.
Limits of Liability
Islam store is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of, or inability to use, any of the products offered to us, even if they have reported the possibility of such damages.
Although Islam store is keen to provide accurate information about the products and prices, the possibility of some typographical errors. You will not be able to confirm the price of the product upon request from the Islam Store website until you have placed the order. In the event that a product is offered at a price or wrong information, Islam store has the right to refuse or cancel orders on this product as it deems fit. If there is an error in the pricing of a product you ordered, it is possible that the Islam store will, at its discretion, contact you to determine if you wish to continue this request after you have modified the price or canceled the order and notifies you.
Revocation process
If you visit the Site and / or complete the registration or shopping process you are bound by the terms and conditions mentioned here. These Terms and Conditions may be superseded by Islam Store at any time and for any reason without notice. The revocation of these or some of these conditions will not affect both the rights and obligations of the parties agreed upon prior to the revocation date.
Use the site
It is strictly prohibited to use obscene, offensive, or otherwise offensive language through our website or the services it provides to its visitors such as email and chat. It also prohibits the impersonation of other persons, including Islam store employees, hosts, website representatives or any other member or visitor. We also prohibit, through our website, the download or distribution of any obscene or offensive content, infringing upon the rights of individuals or public rights, threats, defamation, libel or any illegal or inflammatory content that would incite a crime or violate the rights of any party or that Result in violation of any law. It also prohibits the uploading of any marketing content on the site or the use of the site to urge others to join any online marketing service or any other non-Islam store.
We are committed to providing as much as possible to our visitors. It is also possible for the website of Islam store to be affiliated with other sites operated by a third party. But even if these parties are connected to Islam store, Islam store has no authority over them as each of these sites has its own ways and independent of Islam store in the collection of information and privacy policies.
Through its association with these sites, Islam store aims to facilitate its customers and minimize the risk of their occurrence. But it also aspires to protect the credibility of its site and its associated sites, so the link with these sites requires us to pay attention to the comments that we receive not only about the site of Islam store, but also related sites. (Including non-functioning of a particular site)
Pricing in different currencies
The products offered at Islam store are priced at US $ value. Therefore, prices in other currencies are converted from the US dollar using the latest currency conversion rates when placing the order. As a result of the continued fluctuation in the value of the currencies, the prices shown in currencies other than the US dollar on the site, other than the price on the product page, are not necessarily the final prices. Parts of the site that may contain inaccurate prices in other currencies include site ads, information appearing on product category pages, and others. However, the price shown on the product page is the price of the final item you have to pay except shipping costs.
1. Terms and Conditions Governing this Agreement - These Terms and Conditions represent the final and final agreement between the parties. Therefore, Islam store is not bound by any modifications, changes or any new terms and conditions added to the contents herein unless written, signed and approved by Authorized by our company. Any amendments by the Company to the provisions of shipment of the Products upon receipt by the Purchaser, shipment order or any similar process containing additional written terms and conditions of agreed or inconsistent provisions shall not be adopted. If a competent court rules that one of these terms or conditions is void, this will not affect the other terms and conditions mentioned here and agreed upon.
2. Acceptance of applications - All applications are subject to a price check written by an authorized officer of our company unless a fixed price is agreed upon for a specified period. The Islam shop invoice only contains what you should pay for Islam Store and does not include any other costs that are paid to other parties such as customs.
3. Replacement - The Company reserves the right to replace the product with another product of the same type, quality and function without prior notice. Therefore, if the buyer does not wish to receive an alternative product, he must declare that he does not wish to do so when he asks about the price, if the process requires a prior inquiry about the price, or specify this when placing the order on our site.
4. Price - The price to be assessed, including any shipping costs, shall remain in effect for 10 days unless it is agreed that it will not be changed by a written agreement at the required price or by a notary of the sale by an authorized officer. It is possible that our company will cancel the fixed price agreed upon for a certain period if it is not written or sent to the buyer before the company received a written acceptance of the price. All prices are assessed on the basis of the use of air or sea transport in the delivery process. Our company reserves the right to cancel orders if the selling prices based on government laws are lower than the prices we have evaluated.
5. Transportation - Our company will determine the method and delivery company based on what it deems appropriate, unless otherwise agreed. In either case, the Company shall not be responsible for any delays or overcharging costs that may arise as a result of such selection.
6. Packaging - Our company will adhere to the basic specification of packaging according to the shipping method chosen, unless otherwise agreed upon. Any costs for your packing or loading or any kind of special care that are performed at buyer's request are covered by the same buyer. The buyer is also obliged to pay the cost of packaging and shipping any equipment of its own.
7. Payment Terms - The discounts apply only to the value of the goods invoice and not to taxes, air freight or shipping costs of all kinds. Our Company reserves the right to request the payment of the goods in advance or to pay a guarantee if the buyer's physical condition so requires. If the seller fails to pay as agreed here or in any other agreements or fails to comply with any of the other agreed terms, our company has the right to cancel any uncharged payments from the request and the buyer remains responsible and demanding all payments that have not yet been paid.
8. Taxes and Import / Export Licenses - Our prices do not include taxes. Therefore, the buyer has to pay taxes on the invoices attached to our company unless an exemption can be issued to the authorities or our company is legally prohibited from collecting taxes from the buyer. The buyer must also provide import or export licenses.
9. Ownership and risk of loss - Delivery of the goods to the shipping company is supposed to result in the delivery of the shipment to the buyer. Therefore, Islam store is not responsible for any loss or damage to the goods after delivery to the shipping company. Any suit for any damage to the goods during shipment or delivery is direct to the shipping company. Any claims by the buyer on our company for any shortening or damage that occurred prior to delivery of the shipment to the shipping company must be addressed to us in writing within 5 days of receipt of the shipment accompanied by the original shipping invoice signed by the shipping company and note from the shipping company that it has been received from our company The goods in the alleged case. Regardless of the transport risk that the buyer can face, the title of the goods sold under this item remains with our company until the agreed amount is fully paid in cash.
10. Return of the goods - You can not return the goods and you can not cancel the applications after they have been accepted by our company except with the written consent of the company to do so. Returned items and special requests are only allowed to be returned if they prove to have been a problem before they are sent to the buyer. The cost of shipping is also borne by the customer in the same way as the goods we sent to him for the returned goods.
11. CAIRO CIRCUMSTANCES / EXECUTIVE CONDITIONS Our company is not responsible for any failure or failure to perform its duties arising directly or indirectly from uncontrollable circumstances such as: Buyer's actions, military or civil powers including price controls, , Wars, riots and mutiny, delays in the shipping process and inability to provide the necessary raw materials for the completion of work such as: energy sources, basic components, labor, fuel, supplies or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Company, whether identical or non-conforming For what was mentioned earlier. If some quantities are affected and others remain as they are, the company will exclude the affected quantities without taking responsibility, but the agreement remains the same.
12. Attorney's fees - In the event of a claim against the buyer for the price of the goods purchased or any unpaid value or any breach of the terms and conditions agreed upon by him, the buyer shall pay reasonable compensation for attorney fees in addition to any compensation approved by the court for any damages Other products.
13. Liability - As soon as Islam accepts the purchase order, it is not liable or liable for any damages or injuries resulting from the use of the product alone or with another set of products. The company will not be responsible for any errors in weight or quantity connected unless the buyer contact us within 5 days from the date of receipt of the shipment and attach the original shipping invoice signed by the shipping company and note that indicates that the shipping company received the goods from our company in this case. If the buyer communicates with our company and it turns out that the company is responsible for the error, the company will either ship the missing amount of the request or compensate the buyer for the value of the missing goods as it sees fit.
14. Warranty - We guarantee the buyer provide product specifications as they are included in product pages. Therefore, the warranty mentioned herein can not be waived, and it replaces and excludes all other warranties not mentioned herein including implied and implied warranties through the application of the law or any other warranties such as any guarantees of product capacity or efficiency. No agent, employee or representative of the Company has any authority to compel our Company to represent, confirm or guarantee the Goods. None of these representations, warranties and warranties shall be considered as part of this Agreement and shall therefore be void. In the event of any defect in the materials or manufacturing, the buyer must communicate with us in writing within 5 days from the date of receipt of the goods. If the buyer does not communicate with the company within 5 days, the company disclaims these liability. The Company assumes no liability in the event of loss or damage resulting from misuse of the product. The Company assumes no responsibility or warranty in respect of product designs. The above warranty supersedes and excludes all other warranties, whether express, implied or legal, such as implied warranties of product capacity or efficiency.
15. DAMAGES AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY - ISLAM STORE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR EXPENSES ARISING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM THE SALE OR USE OF THE PRODUCT AND DEALING WITH IT OR ANY RELATED REASON. Whatever claims are made to our company, including claims of non-compliance or negligence, its responsibility is solely to replace products that do not comply with this agreement, to return the value of the goods and return them to the buyer's account, or to coordinate with him to repair the pieces as the Company deems appropriate. If You are requested to return the goods, the return shipment will be delivered to our company upon the return instructions of the company. Accordingly, the indemnities mentioned in this paragraph represent the sole source of the buyer against the Islam Shop Company if you breach any of its obligations, whether warranty or any other type of breach. As long as our company does its best to correct any breach of the law that may be obtained, it shall ensure that the compensation provided by it as stated in this clause is satisfactory.
16. Selection - The buyer acknowledges that he has purchased the goods for reasons that correspond to actual or intended use and that he does not rely on the assessments provided by our site in selecting the appropriate goods or materials or designing the appropriate goods or materials. The buyer also acknowledges that its use of these goods will be within all government laws.