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Privacy policy

Last updated: May 17, 2020

The Privacy Policy describes our policies regarding
the collection and the disclosure of your information when you use our website.
It tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

We use your personal data to provide you with an improved service.
By using the service, you agree to our collection and use of information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

In Islam Store, we respect your privacy and we take in consideration the safety of your shopping through the internet in a serious way. But in order to provide you with the best products and services, we record the user information through his/her visits to Islam Store.

Our privacy policy determines the basics in dealing with the users’ personal data. Including the payment details and other information that we collect from you or from other sources you provide us with.

In order to reach or the mobile phone application or any other services and applications, we understand the priority that you give for your personal information. We are committed to protect and respect your privacy.

In order to protect your private data, we will clarify our practice and service on the internet through explaining the process of collecting your information and how we use it. To read more about this, please complete reading the terms of the privacy policy which clarify the procedure of Islam Store for protecting personal data and clarifying the choices of the users regarding data collection and use.

Note: please notice that Islam Store is not responsible for the privacy content and practice in any of other related websites.    

In Islam Store, the content of the database is kept. We save the data in special servers and data processors that work under our responsibility. In case of any need for giving the users’ personal data to a third party, this will not be done until we take the permission from the users due to some law restrictions that forces us to do so.

Any use of the personal information the users provide will be within our control and responsibility. This information may be saved and processed in computers that exist in a jurisdiction different than the one that you are in, such as the United States, where the law of data protection is different than the one in the country that you live in. in such cases, we make sure that we apply the suitable protection for your data through asking the data processors in that country in committing the data protection of the country that you live in.

We might collect and process information about you for the aim of making the use of Islam Store website easier. Through facilitating your shopping without the need for repeating the registration process. We aim at helping you finding information, products and services as easy as possible. Our purpose is to create a content that suits the interests of the customers. Besides alerting them about any new information, products, services or modifications.   

Data collection from website and applications

Most of the information that are available in Islam Store are collected from the website and the applications. It is important to notice that our privacy policy is applied on the process of collecting personal data on the internet. For example, the customer contacts us to order some products or to ask questions. In this case, we need to store the customer’s information provided through the call such as the order information. This information will be kept in the database of Islam Store through the SSL encryption system (look at the data protection section that is mentioned previously to know more details).

However, there are more ways that enable us to know information. For example, customers can send messages including the address for returning the orders.

In Islam Store, we don’t attempt to limit the ways of using and collecting the information on the internet. As we mentioned, in Islam Store, we sell products not information! And we will do our best to deal with the customers’ data through ways different than the internet. We will use and reveal the data in accordance with the modifications of the privacy policy.

Data collection starts once customers entre our website or any other applications and in case of:

·         Registering and ordering

Before you use some parts of the website or before you order, you have to complete a registration process. During this process, we will ask you to provide us with your personal information including name, address, accommodation, nationality, shipping address, billing, phone number, email address and the credit card number.

This kind of information is used for reasons related to billing, order completion, contacting customers about orders and site and for internal marketing reasons.

 Note: if we face any problem in the order completion process, we might use the personal information provided by the customers to contact them.

·         Email address

Many parts of Islam Store website require the email address for reasons like free marketing and informing customers about new products and models, or to share information through our informing messages.

Customers’ participation in our proposed competitions is optional. Customers can participate and reveal some personal information that will be used for the winning announcements and prize awards. Winners will be announced in our website.

·         Third-party

We might be helped by a third-party including marketing and announcing companies to help us in designing and presenting the content of our website or to publish announcements about our website, applications and products. These firms/companies might use cookies and bookmarks to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns like ‘which pages have been visited and the number of products that have been purchased.

The personal information that are collected by Islam Store are not related to the information collected by any third-party.       

·         Sign-in files

As many websites, Islam Store has a special server that automatically recognizes the internet link that you use to sing in to the store’s website. Moreover, we can know the ‘IP ADDRESS’ of the customers, besides the internet server that they use, date and time of log in and order confirmation. All is for reasons such as the internal marketing and the discovery system for faults catching and corrections.

Note: the client’s protocol address may refer to the device’s website.      

·         Products evaluation

Customers can evaluate any product in Islam Store website. Writing a comment for evaluation requires providing the email address and the location of the customers. Once the evaluation is published, the location of the customer will appear and other customers will be able to see it.

The evaluation of the products, service, website and applications of Islam Store does not require from the customers to reveal any of their personal comments to the public. If this happens, it will be the customer’s responsibility and we have no responsibility regarding that.

Note: we know that customers all able to submit the evaluation without revealing any personal information.    

Using and revealing customers’ information

·         Internal use

We use customers’ personal information to complete the purchase orders and to provide customers with good services. Moreover, personal information may be used internally to enhance the content of our website. Moreover, the use of personal information might be beneficial for improving and spreading the design and content of the website, marketing purposes including products and services as well as identifying general information about customers’ visits to Islam Store website and applications. 

·         Communication with clients

Customers’ information will be used to contact them regarding their orders, shipping and evaluations. We send them messages to complete and ensure their registration. Rarely, we send some advertisements about the services that are provided by Islam Store.  For example, we might send messages regarding the bending of our services shortly for some reasons. Also, customers may provide us with their email addresses for some reasons like informing them about new products or services. Customers are able to register in the store’s news section through providing their email addresses.

If we are provided with the email address, we will use it to deliver information and advertisements. In Islam Store, we leave the choice for our customers to withdraw from the news section or future messages. ‘For more details, please look at the withdrawal from messages section below’.

Note: because our customers matter, we should keep messaging them by email regarding their orders.           

·         A third party to do some tasks on our behalf

Like all other online wholesalers, we sometimes hire a third party to do some tasks on our behalf. When we disclose any information to these service providers, we disclose information that help them to perform their services.

For example, Islam Store has to share some information with the third party in order to deliver products to you. In Islam Store, we deal with third parties like “DHL and TNT” to ship the products and make sure they are delivered. This enables us to obtain a review and improvement of the quality of our store services and to measure and improve the quality of the provided services by the third party.

Note: the shipping services that are provided by third parties require submitting identifiable information such as the customer’s name, shipping address, email and phone number.   

·         Credit card number

To help you purchase products from Islam Store and to provide you with better customer services, we provide your credit card number to a third party who provides financial services such as processing credit cards.

Note: when you deliver a credit card number to customers for authorization, we use the most advanced encryption method to protect customers’ information. More about this topic will be mention in the INFORMATION PROTECTION SECTION.  

·         The response of officials to law applications, investigations, summons notes and court orders for some information

Responding to law requirements and restrictions, we may compel you to disclose some personal information during investigations, summonses and court orders. Also, personal information will be disclosed in cases that require us to defend our legal rights or imposing our usage provisions or any other agreements or to protect ourselves or others.   

Note: we may share information that reduce the risk of fraud or the attempts of some people to use our website for illegal reasons and purposes.  



·         (NEVER) Selling or exchanging personal information


But it is possible for us to be owned or merged with other companies so that they request the customers’ information in order to achieve their tasks and complete their services. In such cases, your personal information may be disclosed to another companies. However, the disclosure is governed by what was agreed in the privacy statement.

Sharing non-personal information

We may share non-personal information such as the number of visitors to a specific page or the number of placed ordered on a particular product in a specific date. This information has nothing to do with the personal information of the customers.   

The collection of customers’ personal data is done for the purpose of providing them with the required products or services, or for other approved purposes by law.

What personal information are used for?

Any information we collect from customers will be used for one of the following purposes:

·         Diagnose your experience

·         Website improvement

·         Improve the level of customers service

·         Processing financial operations

·         Sending periodic emails @if customers want to withdraw from these emails at any time, we will provide them with detailed instructions for withdraw at the end of each message.

Manage contents, marketing campaigns, questionnaires or any other features of the site.

Islam Store website combines actual electronic and administrative procedures to provide appropriate protection for the privacy of your personal information. One of the privacy protection measures is the use of SSL for all financial transactions through our website.

How we use the SSL?

Islam Store uses the SSL encryption to protect your personal information on the internet. It takes a number of steps to protect your personal information in our facilities.

The process of accessing personal information is restricted in that it allows access to this information only for the people who need it to carry out certain actions. Finally, we rely on a third party to provide physical protection services to protect some of our devices.

Effectiveness of protection services

In Islam Store, we depend on a third party to provide physical protection services in order to protect some of our devices. We only rely on parties who we believe their protection measures are effective.

For example, when you visit our website, you access servers stored in a real, protected environment in a closed cage behind a secure electronic firewall. Although we use precautionary measures in accordance with industry standards to protect personal information, we cannot provide an absolute protection guarantee.

Note: the ability to provide 100% protection is not available anywhere on the internet or somewhere else.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored as text files by a web browser that the customer uses on the hard disk of his/her computer.